2016 Exhibiting Artists

All accepted artists will receive an email shortly after this announcement with instructions and information about participation.
Deadline for shipped or hand-delivered work is Sunday, July 17, 2016 by 5:00 PM.

Please contact info@louisianacontemporary.org if you have any questions about delivery or install.

Artist last name Artist first name Title
Antippas Artemis Eating Chicken (Mild)
Antippas Artemis Eating Chicken (Spicy)
Azaceta Luis Cruz Green Square (Cairo)
Azaceta Luis Cruz Heroes Tale
Barbieri Brian Untitled (Man with Beard)
Barbieri Brian Untitled (Man Swinging Axe)
Belka Aron Self Portrait
Berntsen Chris Local Honey at Twilight
Berntsen Chris Xavier Cruising
Berntsen Chris Flayr in the Blue Dress
Billeaudeau James Salute (Fear of a Fascist America)
Bordett David Secret Truth, Witches Brew, Blackberry Juice
Bowers Susan Sweet Mouth of Carcharodon Carcharias
Bowers Susan The Ice Cream People
Cellucci Vincent Causeway (Collaboration with Derick Ostrenko and Jesse Allison)
Chambers Joshua I Finally Learned to Love Myself
Chambers Joshua Fragile and Much Less in Control
Colannino David Map 42lf7
Colannino David Map 80m7
Cooke Drew Trickle Down
Cooke Drew Different Roads
DePauw William Frames with Images
Devezin Jer'Lisa Presidential Ass
Diller Benjamin Manifest Recoil
Diller Benjamin The Great Shield
Domino Adrione The Inheritance
Dugas Troy Francesco
Dugas Troy Snake Tulip
Farah Abdi Terrible Fans
Farah Abdi One Thousand Year Reign
Floreak Ida Longhorn Beetle
Floreak Ida Beetle with Leaves
Flynn James Royal Kente of Louis Armstrong King of Zulu 1936
Gargano John Blue Bushnell
Hall Shawn Coy Nematode
Hall Shawn Spring Pop
Harris Ronna Anonymous Male #2
Harris Ronna Anonymous Male #3
Herster Margot Amazing Grace (ft. Barack Obama)
Horjus Peter David, A Series of Men #1
Horjus Peter JCB, A Series of Men #3
Ireland Susan Jena and Annie
Juarez Xavier I Lied About Where I Was
Kelley Kelli Scott Fighting Back
Knoblach Jenna Title IX (Other)
Knoblach Jenna Title IX (Digital Print)
Lawrence Avery Dancing Lenticular (video and installation)
Lawson Chris Manifestation of a Coconut
LeBlanc Andrew See No Evil
LeBlanc Paul The Bull Red Host -1
LeBlanc Paul The Bird of Hermes
Littles Ernest Joshua Tracks Promo
Littles Ernest Joshua Green Book Promo 2
Major Shawne Surface Tension
Major Shawne Dura Mater
Meyers Kristin Charon
Meyers Kristin Masquerade
Moore Ti-Rock Cracka House
Newton Lake Diana Street Boogie
Newton Lake You're Not From Around Here?/font>
Parkinson Casey Contrast of Life
Rizzo Paul Just Men
Rizzo Paul 29
Rizzo Paul 1975
Sartin Ryan Cosmic Ash Flower Bed
Sartin Ryan Fleur de Lis Couple
Severio Arthur Hey Blue
Severio Arthur Angel
Sewell Bennett Patience St. Germain
Sizeler Maxx Boyhood Dream (First Time at the Beach)
Sizeler Maxx Abracadabra (My Hand on T)
Somerville Patch Stacks
Somerville Patch Overgrown
Somerville Patch Redacted
Stetler Dixon All My Eggs in One Basket
Stubbs Andrew Monument
Tague Dan Pussy Riot
Tague Dan Old Glory Holes

Deadline for receipt of shipped work and hand-delivered work is due Sunday, July 17, 2016 by 5pm to:

Louisiana Contemporary
Ogden Museum of Southern Art
925 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Work can be dropped off in the museum store 7 days a week 10am ?5pm.
If art is shipped, a prepaid return label must be provided

All artists must fill out a Loan Agreement and an Incoming Receipt for art that is hand-delivered or mailed in.
These forms will be attached in an email.

Congratulations! We look forward to having your work in 2016 Louisiana Contemporary!