2014 Exhibiting Artists

The following work has been accepted for exhibit in Louisiana Contemporary presented by Regions Bank at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

ArtistTitle of Work
Artemis AntippasChicken (turquoise)
Artemis AntippasChicken (purple saphire)
Artemis AntippasChicken (tourmaline)
Artemis AntippasChicken (copper, smoky quartz, fire opal)
Artemis AntippasChicken (green agate, yellow barite, kunzite)
Jeremiah AriazMain Street
Jeremiah AriazTucumcari Inn
Jeremiah AriazMain Street, Night View
David ArmentorTrucks
David ArmentorSugar House
David ArmentorLights Over Cooling Pond
Aron BelkaLA 39
Aron BelkaUntitled
Martin BensonSankata Mochana
Martin BensonThe Union of Shakti and Shiva
Jenna BonistalliRefined, Saccharum L.
Jenna BonistalliRaw, Saccharum L.
Blake Boydzombie cafe du monde
Blake Boydzombie cafe du monde 2
Eliot BrownThe Cleric
Eliot BrownThe Help
Eliot BrownThe Nag
Eliot BrownThe Surrogate
Eliot BrownThe Candidate
Marcus BrownAural Dream
Christopher BunchResonance Man
Christopher BunchNine To Five
Dean DablowQuudevrahn
Dean DablowVankaal #2
Marianne DesmaraisTiling Field Shift
Marianne DesmaraisTiling Field
Joshua DuncanDope-Ah-Mean: Fractionated Chlorophyll II
Scott FinchHuman Speech
Scott FinchXibalbas Fence
Scott FinchThe Eighth and the Ninth
James FlynnNELSON MANDELA Flame of Justice
Laura GipsonIn Case of Rain
Laura GipsonHammer
Laura GipsonStill Life - Wood Thrush
Jacqueline GrovesThe Other
Shawn HallePHEMeral diptych
Ronna Harrisdot.dot.dot
L. Kasimu Harris7th Ward Chess Club
L. Kasimu HarrisAll Tied Up
L. Kasimu HarrisKappa Man, Preacher Man, Dreamer Man
Stephan HoffpauirFong's
Stephan HoffpauirCasa Garcia
Stephan HoffpauirGreen House with Dome
Ann HornbackAll is Lost
Ann HornbackWash that Man Right Out of My Hair
Susan IrelandGroton High School Tigers
Susan IrelandLooking Up
Gene KossLevee Break Series 1 No. 2
Bonnie MaygardenDesert of the Real
Bonnie MaygardenGreyscale
Ariel MazariegosFront Trigger Hose Nozzle
Ariel MazariegosPistol Grip Hose Nozzle
Ariel MazariegosDoilies (P.S. I Have Something)
Ariel MazariegosUntitled (Reclosable Bag)
Ariel MazariegosFalsies
Maggie McConnellCommune
Maggie McConnellHeld
Meghan MetheBehind the Levee
Meghan MethePortrait of Virginia
Meghan MetheA Portrait of a Young Woman
Ti-Rock Mooreflyover
Ti-Rock MooreJust Sayin'
Dale NewkirkChallenge Debrie Cocoa Beach
Dale NewkirkSIgns Series: New Mexcio Landscape
James OsborneRigolets Pass
James OsborneRolled Iron Beam
Keith PerelliBOY, Female To Male, Anonymous Social Media Profile Appropriated from Growlr App
Keith Perellineps Anonymous Social Media Profile, Appropriated from the Scruff App
Kim PourciauThe Possibility in Broken Dreams
Olesya RobisonFlower Dream
Olesya RobisonAlys Beach & Faberge Remix
Bradley SabinRipe Fruit
Bradley SabinMale Torso with Fruit
Loren SchwerdFlicker 1
Loren SchwerdFlicker 2
Loren SchwerdFlicker 3
Cynthia ScottPunditry Installation
Clifford TresnerNotes from the Road
Sarah Wisemanescape plan
Michael YankowskiTransfiguration
Michael YankowskiRaven Set the Moon

Deadline for receipt of shipped work and hand-delivered work is due Sunday, July 20, 2014 by 5pm to:

Louisiana Contemporary
Ogden Museum of Southern Art
925 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Work can be dropped off in the museum store 7 days a week 10am 5pm.
If art is shipped, a prepaid return label must be provided

All artists must fill out a Loan Agreement and an Incoming Receipt for art that is hand-delivered or mailed in.
These forms can be found online, will be attached in an email, and will be available in the museum store.

Congratulations! We look forward to having your work in 2014 Louisiana Contemporary!